Tip Some Gin

Tipsome turns on a calf.  His loss broke our heart.

Billy Hollowell gives Tipsome his 2nd saddling.


Doc O'Lena

Doc Bar

Lightning Bar


Dandy Doll

Three Bars

Della P

Texas Dandy

Bar Maid F

      Poco Lena

Poco Bueno




Miss Taylor

Pretty Boy

mare by Blackburn

Tanquery Gin


Gin Echols Ed Echols Zantanon

Dorothy E (TB)

Little Joe


Flying Squirll


Gin Squirt Grog (TB)

Breakfast Time (TB)

Hard Tack


Last Reveille

Golden HIlls

Tip Some Gin '99 model


San Tip

Peppy San


Leo San

Peppy Belle


San Sue

Pep Up

Belle Burnette

Tippy Tivio Poco Tivio

Lucille M

Poco Bueno


Barney Owens

Lona Lee




Gray Dee Bar




In the August issue of Performance Horse, Dr. Blodgett, resident veterinarian for the Four Sixes Ranch, said, "Tanquery Gin sired more offspring than any other stallion here on the ranch.   He will have more of an impact than any other Four Sixes stallion."


The article goes on to say, "Ponder the impact of that statement...Not only did Joe Hancock and Grey Badger II come to be owned by the Four Sixes, but Hollywood Gold was born there, and he spent his entire life on the Four Sixes.


A man doesn't stand in the heart of Joe Hancock, Grey Badger II and Hollywood Gold country and make a claim like Blodgett's--that would be suicide--unless he's referring to a fair piece of horseflesh who sired offspring you can ride all day, a horse with a list of money-earning offspring that would stretch clear across Texas."


Stallions like Driftwood, Claude, and Senor George have made JA horse history.   We lost Tipsome in May 2002, but are happy that we have purchased Texas Gin, a great stud prospect and we hav a couple of Tipsome fillies that we will become our future mares.


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