Stylish 2000

Billy on Stylish at a ranch cutting.  Taken by Ken Young.


As cowy as Stylish is, he never lets you know it until it is time.  Leigh Ann Stout treats him like the pet he is. 

Photographs by Guy de Galard



To book a breeding to Stylish 2000, contact Tim Stout.   Or to buy a Stylish colt.

Stylish is seen here in the junior competition at the Tri State Fair in Amarillo.   However, most of all, Sylish 2000 has proved himself as an outstanding ranch horse.   Like most great ranch horses, he seems half asleep until a cow breaks, and then, "Hold on!"



Stylish's sire holds numerous records including ranking fourth among stallions for Stallion Offspring Lifetime Average Cutting Earnings.   His colt, Playin Stylish won '99 cutting horse of the year.  


His dam, an own daughter of Little Peppy and Docs Lynx, is as well bred as his sire.  

In every sale, siblings of Stylish 2000 are bringing top prices and, in every show, winning top awards.   The JA is not campaigning Stylish, but has had great success in ranch horse events.   In his first and only year of competition, Billy and Stylish qualified for the Ranch Cutting Horse finals with a first place in Throckmorton and several seconds or thirds.   Stylish placed 6th at the finals.

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Docs Stylish Oak


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Stylish 2000

Even at two, Stylish was calm cutting the herd.  

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Stylish is so calm around cattle, you would think he is asleep. But he does wake up


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Seventeen year old Chris Enriquez works Stylish on Stylish's first day outside.


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