Descendants of Enoch O'Brien  

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  Generation No. 1




Children of ENOCH O'BRIEN are:

2.             i.       GEORGE2 O'BRIEN.

               ii.       ENOCH O'BRIEN, m. NANCY BARKER, June 08, 1801, Fauquier Co., VA.

              iii.       SUSANNA O'BRIEN, m. JOHN BARTON, April 14, 1804, Fauquier Co., VA.



Generation No. 2


2.  GEORGE2 O'BRIEN (ENOCH1)  He married NANCY LEACHMAN July 30, 1800 in Fauquier Co., VA. 


    Children of GEORGE O'BRIEN and NANCY LEACHMAN are:

    3.             i.       ENOCH3 O'BRIEN, d. Bef. February 13, 1837, Hancock, IN.

    4.            ii.       JOHN T. O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1801.

    5.           iii.       GEORGE O'BRIEN, b. July 13, 1807, OH; d. November 28, 1858, Center Point, Clay, IN.

    6.           iv.       THOMAS O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1810, OH.



Generation No. 3


3.  ENOCH3 O'BRIEN (GEORGE2, ENOCH1) b around 1803 died Bef. February 13, 1837 in Hancock, IN.  He married NAOMI PARKER 1821 in Brown, OH, daughter of PARKER and SARAH.  She was born October 30, 1803 in KY, and died December 14, 1876 in near Ashboro, IN.


Notes for ENOCH O'BRIEN:


DEATH  Will admitted to record 13 Feb 1837 by brother, John.  

NOTE:  Enoch O'Brien appointed county commissioner in 1835 Hancock Co.




USCENS:  1840, Hancock Co, IN, page 430  Lugar/Logan Creek Twsp.

         1850, Washington Twsp, Clay Co, IN; p. 225


household 65/65 William Peters age 49  PA     (1850 census)

                Neoma Peters   age 51  KY

                Salina Peters  age 16  IN

                Pheby          age 22  OH

                Ailey          age 21  OH

                William        age 17  OH

                Abagal         age 12  KY

household 66/66 Sarah Parker   age 78  VA  (believe this is Naomi's mother)

                Abagal Parker  age 35  OH


NOTE:  document found stating Naomi "Parker" O'Brien married William Peters in Clay Co, IN.  Another deed states her residence was later in Story Co, IA.

Stephen , Nancy, Sarah, Salina and George Washington O'Brien


Children of ENOCH O'BRIEN and NAOMI PARKER are:

7.           i.       GEORGE WASHINGTON4 O'BRIEN, b. February 23, 1823, Brown, OH; m Nancy Tribble; d. April 27, 1912, Fort Dodge, Webster, IA.

8.           ii.       STEPHEN PARKER O'BRIEN, b. December 24, 1825, Brown, OH; d. March 17, 1912, Ames, Story, IA.

9.           iii.       NANCY O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1830, IN; d. 1905 IA ?.              

               iv.      SARAH O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1828, IN/OH.

10.           v.      SALINA O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1834, Hancock, IN.



4.  JOHN T.3 O'BRIEN (GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born Abt. 1801.  He married ELEANOR MCCLUGEN October 04, 1827 in Brown Co., OH. 


Notes for JOHN T. O'BRIEN:  

NOTE:  Hancock Co. commissioner 1836  

NOTE:  In 1837 came to court to have Enoch O'Brien will admitted 



                   i.       ENOCH4 O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1837.

                  ii.       NANCY O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1842.

                 iii.       JOHN O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1846.

                 iv.       SARAH O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1939.



5.  GEORGE3 O'BRIEN (GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born July 13, 1807 in OH, and died November 28, 1858 in Center Point, Clay, IN.  He married SARAH BRITTON 1825 in Brown Co., OH.  She was born 1804 in OH, and died 1881.



                   i.       NANCY4 O'BRIEN, m. THEOLOPOLIS SHAW (also married to Elizabeth Tribble, sister of Nancy Tribble who married GEORGE WASHINGTON4 O'BRIEN (7).  Remember that Hiram Tribble's daughter, Elizabeth, first cousin of Nancy Tribble,  married Stephen Parker O'Brien (8).)

                  ii.       ELIZABETH O'BRIEN, d. 1918; m. (1) DANIEL WRIGHT; m. (2) WILLIAM NICOSON.

11.            iii.       ABIGAIL O'BRIEN, b. 1829; d. 1873.

                 iv.       SUSANNAH O'BRIEN, b. 1834; d. 1885; m. HENDERSON FRITTS.

                  v.       ENOCH W. O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1836, IN; d. 1865, TX.

12.            vi.       SARAH MARIAH4 O'BRIEN, b. 1837, IN; d. 1869.

13.           vii.       NAOMI S. O'BRIEN, b. 1840, IN; d. 1883, Clay Co, IN.

               viii.       GEORGE W. O'BRIEN, b. 1842; d. 1883.

14.             ix.       JOHN T. O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1844, IN.

                   x.       LUCINDA E. O'BRIEN, b. 1846, IN; d. 1872.

15.             xi.       ISABELLE LOUISA O'BRIEN, b. August 1848, IN; d. 1942.



6.  THOMAS3 O'BRIEN (GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born Abt. 1810 in OH.  He married LUCINDA KENNEDY.  She was born Abt. 1806, and died April 1863 in , Clay Co, IN.



16.              i.       ENOCH4 O'BRIEN

                  ii.       ISAAC O'BRIEN.

                 iii.       REBECCA O'BRIEN.

17.            iv.       MINERVA O'BRIEN, b. February 11, 1834, Cincinnati, OH; d. April 15, 1905, Clay Co., IN.

                  v.       GEORGE O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1838.

                 vi.       LINCOLN MASON O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1843, IN; d. March 31, 1924, IN; m. ELIZA HUBER, November 29, 1885, Clay Co., IN.

                vii.                MALINDA O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1850, IN.



Generation No. 4


7.  GEORGE WASHINGTON4 O'BRIEN (ENOCH3, GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born February 23, 1823 in Brown, OH, and died April 27, 1912 in Fort Dodge, Webster, IA.  He married (1) NANCY D. TRIBBLE Bef. 1844 in IN, daughter of ROBERT TRIBBLE and MARY.  She was born December 24, 1824 in KY, and died May 09, 1873 in Lebanon, Laclede, MO.  He married (2) REBECCA HENDERSON SLINGER November 21, 1875 in Lebanon, Laclede, MO.  She was born June 23, 1839, and died October 13, 1884 in Batesville, AR.  He married (3) MARY HENRIETTA (WILSON?) GRIMES March 21, 1889 in Batesville, AR. 



TEXT:  History of Clay County, Indiana; page 87 (occupation-teacher)  

TEXT: Laclede County-Missouri; Lebanon City Cemetery 1857-1979; Laclede County Historical Society

TEXT: Laclede County-Missouri; Marriage Records, 1849-1881; Laclede County Historical Society


DEATH State of IA death certificate, #94-00431    Informant-William Henderson O'Brien


CENS: US Census; Washington Twsp, Clay Co, IN;1850; page 223

CENS: US Census; Auglaize Twsp, Camden Co, MO; 1860; page 38

CENS: US Census; Lebanon Twsp, Laclede Co, MO; 1870

CENS: US Census; Boone Twsp, Hancock Co, IA; ED 118, sheet 11B, line 81




              i.       CLARINDA J.(Clara)5 O'BRIEN, b. July 24, 1844, Clay, IN; d. November 06, 1906, Camden Co., MO.

             ii.       BENJAMIN FRANKLIN O'BRIEN, b. 1848, Clay, IN; d. 1878, Hood/Hunt, TX.

            iii.       ENOCH ROBERT (BOB) O'BRIEN, b. 1850, Clay, IN. m. Mary Ellen Willoughby 1880 b. 3/14/1851 in MO. d. 1/13/13 Lawton, OK

            iv.       MARY NAOMI O'BRIEN, b. August 22, 1853, Washington, Clay, IN; d. June 29, 1925, Crocker, Camden, MO.

             v.       SARAH E. O'BRIEN, b. January 16, 1855, Washington Twsp, Clay, IN; d. May 10, 1916, Hampton, IA.

             vi.      LUONA JOSEPHINE O'BRIEN, b. 1859, MO; d. Aft. 1889, liv/St.Paul, AR. 


CENS: US Census; Smith Twsp, Laclede Co, MO; 1880; ED 77, page 34C, l ine 32



                vii.       WILLIE HENDERSON5 O'BRIEN, b. January 10, 1878. d. 1940, Corwith/Ft. Dodge, IA.



               viii.     Gus Grimes O’Brien b. 1879 m.  Myrtle Hussong (b. 1885) in 1902  

         According to Rich Alee  Gus was a one-man crime wave in Hancock County, IA  (G.W. lived in Hancock as well), committing a series of burglaries before getting busted in 1909.  He ended up doing five years in the pen.   Shortly after getting sent up, Myrtle divorced him - according to the 1910 Census, they had three children:  Weiff (?), Harold and Baby(?).  Gus remarried one Iva Boyd in 1919, before getting divorced in 1927 on the grounds of "habitual drunkenness and cruel and inhuman treatment." 

8.  STEPHEN PARKER4 O'BRIEN (ENOCH3, GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born December 24, 1825 in Brown, OH, and died March 17, 1912 in Ames, Story, IA.  He married (1) SARAH E. HEISTAND Bef. 1850.  She was born June 24, 1831 in IN, and died May 24, 1864 in Ames, Story, IA.  He married (2) ELIZABETH TRIBBLE July 14, 1868 in Clay Co., IN, daughter of Hiram Tribble and Hannah.    He married (3) SARAH R. EVANS December 24, 1884 in Story, IA.     She was born About 1837 in IL, and died August 09, 1924 in Ames, Story, IA.



NOTE:  Named in father, Enoch O'Brien's will 1837 Hancock Co, IN  

MILITARY: Civil War and Mexican War; 1st Sgt, Company A, 23rd Regt  Iowa Vol. Infantry.  Enlisted 4 Aug 1862    

USCENS:  1860, Story Co, IA; p. 723  

In the matter of claim for increase of pension of Stephen P. O'Brien no. 90630.  On this 28th day of Sept 1906 personally appeared before me a notary Public in and for said county and state duly authorized to administer oat Sarah R. OBrien who being by me duly sworne on her oath declares as fowels (follows?)

 I am the wife of the said Stephen P. OBrien my age is 68 years my residence is Ames Story county Iowa that the aforesaid Stephen P OBrien is entirely helpless because of Rheermatism that he requires the constant aid of one person to care for him because he cannot walk or use his arms and must be lifted in change of position either in his chair or in his bed these facts I know to be true because of being constantly with him and assisting in caring for him.

I have no interest in the above claim for pension except such as a wife would have in the well fare of her Husband.

signed:  Sarah R OBrien 

page dated Oct 27, 1882

State of Iowa Story County

On this 24th day of October 1882 personally appeared before me J. L. Smith the Clerk of the District Court of the State of Iowa in and for Story County Stephen P. O'Brien age - 56 - years a resident Story County State of Iowa, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is a pensioner of the United States, duly enrolled at the Des Moines Iowa Pension Agency at the rate of eighteen dollars per month, by reason of disability - incurred in the military service of the United States while a second Lietenant in Co. A of the 23rd regiment of Iowa Infantry volunteers; that his present physical condition is such that he believe himself entitled to receive an increased pension and that he herewith returns his present pension certificate.  He further declares that he is disabled in the following manner to wit;  That the Rheumatism on account of which he was in part pensioned is much worse than when granted his present pension it disabling him to a far greater degree, requiring the aid of others to dress and wait on him at least one half of the time for near two years - that his left eye is entirely lost and the sight of his right eye is greatly impaired and because of the said cause as he believes which occasioned the loss of his left eye to wit - Rheumatism, and he can only see now with his right eye by the constant use of a highly magnifying glass to distinguish any particular object, with which loss of sight and said Rheumatism he is entirely disabled from performing any manual laber whatever.

He further says his post office address is Ames Story County Iowa, and that he hereby appoints J. L. Dana of Nevada, Story County Iowa his attorney to present and prosecute this his claim for pension and to who he disire communcations expecting the same to be sent.

Signed - Stephen P. O'Brien


Notes for SARAH E. HEISTAND:  her maiden name and death date listed in Stephen P. O'Brien's  pension records.   

Notes for SARAH R. EVANS:  When Sarah filed as Stephen P. O'Brien's widow, she mentioned being married and divorced to a J. L. Jones and she showed the decree.  She became acquainted with J. L. Jones in 1870 when he was a man of about 50 years of age.  She goes on to say :  All the time I lived with him as his wife, I never heard him speak of being in the service for the U.S. in the Civil War either in the Army or Navy.  I never saw anything in the way of correspondence, badges, or anything of that kind indicating any military spirit whatever in him.  He left Ames soon after our divorce and I have lost all trace of him.  If alive he is probably in Canada or the far west.  Neither do I know any one who does, but I am inclined to think he is dead.       


                   i.       MARY E.5 O'BRIEN, b. July 28, 1850, Clay, IN; d. December 18, 1919, Ames, Story, IA; m. W. JASPER ZENOR, April 22, 1869; b. December 15, 1848; d. March 05, 1923, Ames, Story, IA.

                  ii.       SAMUEL W. O'BRIEN, b. October 21, 1852, IA.

                 iii.       NAOMA ANN O'BRIEN, b. November 11, 1854, IA; m. PHILLIPS.

                 iv.       NANCY ALLICE O'BRIEN, b. February 20, 1857, IA; m. JAMES PERRY JACKSON.

                  v.       GEORGE W. O'BRIEN, b. October 13, 1859.

                 vi.       VIOLA LOUISA O'BRIEN, b. March 04, 1862; d. 1926, Ames, Story, IA; m. CHARLES H. GLIDDEN; b. 1858; d. 1901, Ames, Story, IA.



9.  NANCY4 O'BRIEN (ENOCH3, GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born Abt. 1829 in IN/OH, and died in IA ?.  She married BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DEAL 1848 in Clay Co. IN.  He was born Abt. 1822 in TN, and died 1882 in Clay Co, IA.



USCENS:  1850, Washington Twsp, Putnam County, IN, p. 565  


Children of NANCY O'BRIEN and BENJAMIN DEAL are:

         i.       GEORGE WASHINGTON5 DEAL, b. Abt. 1849, IN; d. 1915, Vigo Co, IN.

        ii.       SARAH JANE DEAL, b. 1851; d. 1899, Clay Co, IN; m. DAVID ZACARIAH TAYLOR OVERTON.

       iii.       STEPHEN MCCLAIN DEAL, b. Abt. 1853; d. Abt. 1940, Moved to IA.

       iv.       MARY NAOMI DEAL, b. 1857; d. Moved to IA.

        v.       ALICE JOSEPHINE DEAL, b. 1859; d. Resided in KS and IA.

       vi.       WILLIAM ELMOTH DEAL, b. 1862; d. 5/1/1952, Moved to IA.  m. Louisa Eldora McCoy d. 6/29/1936

         vii.    MELISSA ELLEN DEAL, b. 1865; d. 1940.


10.  SALINA4 O'BRIEN (ENOCH3, GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born Abt. 1834 in Hancock, IN.  She married ELI DEAL March 20, 1856 in Story Co., IA, son of MICHAEL DEAL and MARY WHEELER.  He was born Abt. 1832 in Clay Co., IN.


Notes for SALINA O'BRIEN:   Salina appears as "Salina Peters" instead of surname O'Brien  in household of William Peters and wife Naomi Parker O'Brien Peters, 1850, Washington Twsp, Clay Co, IN.


NOTE:  marriage record to Eli Deal lists her surname as "Jeffries"


Notes for ELI DEAL:

STATECENS:  IA, 1856, p. 160, dwelling 42, family 46

USCENS:  1860, Franklin Twsp, New Philadelphia, Story Co, IA; p. 33, dwelling 261, family 234, Jun 22, 1860

Deal, Eli  age 28  male  b. IN  Farmer

Deal, Selina   age 26  b. IN 

Deal, Mary M.  age 3  female  b. IA

Deal, Nancy J. 6/12 months  female  b. IA (born in January)  


Children of SALINA O'BRIEN and ELI DEAL are:

            i.       MARY M.5 DEAL, b. Abt. 1857, IA.

            ii.       NANCY J. DEAL, b. Abt. January 1860, Story Co, IA.


11.  ABIGAIL4 O'BRIEN (GEORGE3, GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born 1829, and died 1873.  She married ISRAEL KRYTZER. 



                   i.       GEORGE J.5 KRYTZER, b. Abt. 1857, Clay Co, IN; m. AMANDA C. BOOK, September 04, 1894, Clay Co, IN.  


12.  SARAH MARIAH4 O'BRIEN (GEORGE3, GEORGE2, ENOCH1) b 9/12/1837 in IN, d Jul 29, 1869.  She married (1) MICHAEL COLE.  He was b 1832 Framlin, PA d Mar 22, 1863 Columbia, TN.  She married (2) ISAAC MILLIGAN July 05, 1866 in Clay Co, IN.  He was born in OH.


Children of SARAH O'BRIEN and MICHAEL COLE are:

                i.       SARAH CHRISTINA5 COLE b. 10-10-1857 m ENOCH5 O'BRIEN d 7-5-1917 Indiana

               ii.       GEORGE5 JACOB COLE, b. 10-17-1860; m. MARTHA J. FRITTS, September 03, 1885, Clay Co, IN.  d 5-10-1931 Linton, IN



                 iii.       SUSAN B.5 MILLIGAN, b. Abt. 1867, Clay Co., IN; m. CALEB W. OGBORN, May 14, 1885, Clay Co, IN.  


13.  NAOMI S.4 O'BRIEN (GEORGE3, GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born 1840 in IN, and died 1883 in Clay Co, IN.  She married WILLIAM THOMAS JENKINS April 17, 1862 in Clay Co., IN.  He was born Abt. 1832 in IN, and died June 12, 1911 in Sugar Ridge Twsp, Clay, IN.



                   i.       JAMES E.5 JENKINS, b. Abt. 1863, Clay Co, IN; d. May 13, 1911, Sugar Ridge Twsp, Clay, IN; m. NEUADA E. A. HICKS, September 21, 1890, Clay Co, IN.

                  ii.       SADIE E. JENKINS, b. Abt. 1866, Clay Co, IN; m. J. T. DUFFIELD HICKS, October 05, 1890, Clay Co, IN.

                 iii.       EMERY JENKINS, b. Abt. 1867, Clay Co, IN; m. LUCRETIA E. BURNS, September 30, 1890, Clay Co, IN.

                 iv.       GERTRUDE JENKINS, b. Abt. 1869, Clay Co, IN; m. CHARLES F. SPRAY, April 08, 1889, Clay Co, IN.

                  v.       CORDELIA B. (DOLLY) JENKINS, b. Abt. 1872, Clay Co, IN; m. JAMES L. BURNS, September 11, 1892, Clay Co, IN.  


14. JOHN T.4 O'BRIEN (GEORGE3, GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born Abt. 1844 in IN.  He married MARY B. ADAMS March 19, 1865 in Clay Co., IN.  She was born Abt. 1842 in IN.


Child of JOHN O'BRIEN and MARY ADAMS is:

            i.       ELMER G.5 O'BRIEN, b. October 1866, IN; d. May 25, 1901, , Clay, IN.


15.  ISABELLE LOUISA4 O'BRIEN (GEORGE3, GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born August 1848 in IN, and died 1942.  She married WILLIAM ARMEL August 10, 1871 in Clay Co., IN.  He was born February 1847 in PA.



                   i.       SARAH5 ARMEL, b. June 02, 1874, Clay Co, IN; m. GROVER LEWIS, March 29, 1908, Clay Co, IN.

                  ii.       JOHN W. ARMEL, b. April 1876, Clay Co, IN.

                 iii.       MARY J. ARMEL, b. March 1880, Clay Co, IN.

                 iv.       ALBERT S. ARMEL, b. March 17, 1882, Clay Co, IN; m. ALMA E. LAUGHLIN, May 14, 1907, Clay Co, IN.

                  v.       EDWARD ARMEL, b. August 1885, Clay Co, IN.  

    vi.       MAUD MAY ARMEL, b. May 1888, Clay Co, IN; d. March 27, 1906, Ashboro, Clay, IN.

16. ENOCH4 O'BRIEN (THOMAS3, GEORGE2, ENOCH1)  He married ELIZA ANN GRASS.  She was born January 1826 in VA.


Children of ENOCH O'BRIEN and ELIZA GRASS are:

                i.       WILLIAM H.5 O'BRIEN, b. 1852, IN.

               ii.       ALONZO W. O'BRIEN, b. June 1852, IN; d. November 14, 1941, Terre Haute, Vigo, IN.

              iii.       JOHN W. O'BRIEN, b. 1854, IN; m. ELIZA A. WOOLS, September 20, 1893, Clay Co., IN.

              iv.       ENOCH5 O'BRIEN , b. 6/9/1856, IN; d. June 25, 1937, Terre Haute, Vigo, IN.  m. SARAH CHRISTINA5 COLE

               v.       LUCINDA O'BRIEN, b. Abt. 1859, Sugar Ridge Twsp., Clay Co., IN; m. JOHN D. HUBER, March 14, 1878, Clay Co., IN.

              vi.       FLORENCE ANN O'BRIEN, b. March 25, 1862, Clay Co., IN; d. November 06, 1936; m. WILLIAM H. RICE, July 14, 1881, Clay Co., IN.



17.  MINERVA4 O'BRIEN (THOMAS3, GEORGE2, ENOCH1) was born February 11, 1834 in Cincinnati, OH, and died April 15, 1905 in Clay Co., IN.  She married JOHN E. TRIBBLE 1849 in IN, son of  ROBERT TRIBBLE and MARY.  He was born 1824 in KY, and died February 09, 1885 in Clay Co, IN.



                   i.       INFANT5 TRIBBLE.

                  ii.       HIRAM W. TRIBBLE, b. June 1849, Clay Co, IN; d. April 25, 1902, Ashboro, Clay, IN.

                 iii.       NANCY ELIZABETH TRIBBLE, b. 1853, Clay Co., IN; m. LEWIS MILLER, May 15, 1873, Clay Co., IN.

                 iv.       CLARISSA J. TRIBBLE, b. 1853, Clay Co., IN; d. Bef. 1905.

                 v.       MELISSA ELENORE TRIBBLE, b. February 1855, Clay Co., IN; d. September 08, 1942, of Ashboro, Clay Co, IN.

                vi.       SARAH T. TRIBBLE, b. Bet. 1859 - May 1865, Clay Co., IN; d. July 08, 1952, IN.

                vii.       MARY MABLE TRIBBLE, b. October 11, 1864, Sugar Ridge, Clay Co., IN; d. February 12, 1952, Cory, Perry, Clay, IN.

                viii.       HARRIET (HATTIE) V. TRIBBLE, b. December 1867, IN.

                  ix.       CORA E. TRIBBLE, b. February 1868, IN; d. May 28, 1917, of Terre Haute, Vigo, IN.

As compiled  by Jill Stafford

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